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When you’re part of our business network, you can find buyers ready to buy, accelerate up the sales cycle, predict and apply cash, and improve customer retention.

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CBO Direct puts your business in front of profitable customers who are ready to buy. When you connect to into our Network, you quickly connect to a global network of of companies. You can efficiently scale existing customer relationships, plus discover and win new business. You can collaborate with your customers on everything from RFQs to managing catalogs and orders – all through easy-to-use tools. You’re part of a dynamic, digital marketplace, where you can effectively track and manage the sales cycle from beginning to end, accurately predict cash flow, increase revenue, and grow your business.


Marketplace Specifications

Merchant Profile – Each vendor is given a customizable, public profile which is displayed on all product pages.
Bulk Product Upload – Quickly upload all product info and update inventory using CSV files
Orders List – Vendors can handle orders that include their products, giving them more control over pricing and shipping
Advanced Tracking– Ability to view and update shipping information using a unique tracking code that is granted to each order
Drop Shipping – Ability for suppliers to manage shipping methods and costs and allow customers to choose shipping methods from pre-defined options
Transparency – Customers can view information about the vendor, including product reviews and supplier ratings
Detailed Reports – Real-time sales reports on product sales, total sales, revenue, and more, with many filtering options
Crypto Currency, ACH Integration– easily pay and receive payments automatically or manually.
Multi-shipping – Each vendor can add multiple shipping methods. Customer can select his own preferred shipping option.
Mobile Responsive– All Marketplace frontend and backend modules are mobile responsive.

Trusted Supplier & Service Provider

Our suppliers can use our platform to find new customers, increase sales, and increase revenue. We can provide you with leads to buyers looking for new sources of supply and services. We can provide you with orders from CBO customers shopping for non-contracted goods and contracted services. Things like office supplies, electrical equipment, computers, MRO supplies, promotional items, gifts, biomass, manufactured products, distributors nationawide and across other countries were cannabis and hemp is legal. Buyers are working with Cannabis Business Opportunities to manage all of their spend better, and ensure sources are legitimite and approved. That's why we're looking for additional, vetted CBO Network suppliers who would like to join the marketplace as a way to grow their businesses and increase sales.